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Why this story now, don't we know all about the Negro Leagues?

While there have been books written on the subject, there has never been a motion picture about the Leagues, other than "The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings", which focused on a real life group of entertainers that travelled with some of the teams. August Wilson's play "Fences" (soon to be a major motion picture) has an ex-Negro Leaguer as its main character but the story is not about the Leagues themselves. The prevailing wisdom in Hollywood seems to be that a story about black baseball will not sell. We don't agree.

Is it another story about Jackie Robinson?

No. While the ascendancy of Jackie Robinson to the major leagues is the subject of a major scene toward the end of the movie, our story is about everything and everyone that came before, making Robinson's breaking of the color line possible.

What is the relevance to today's sports fan and society in general?

Any sports fan will be thrilled by the sheer brilliance of the Negro League players, particularly in the face of so many obstacles. In addition, the interaction with some of baseball's legendary Major Leaguers will prove irresistible to today's fans. Finally, taking an in depth and behind the scenes look at how baseball developed into what we follow today, provides a fascinating and entertaining sports journey.

The Negro leagues organizers and the team owners provide us with an invaluable model of how to turn adversity into progress. In a current society that often seems to pit the so-called "haves" against the "have-nots", there is much to be learned from the Negro Leaguers example. Their persistently bold and yet straightforward pursuit of the American Dream is a timeless lesson that the current generation of Americans would profit from learning. In addition, the election of the country's first African-American president, just three years ago, seems the perfect parallel to the story of Invisible Men.

Is it fiction?

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Who are the faces we will know?

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When is production scheduled to begin?

We have been developing this project for some time. We have a working script and are in the process of completing the production financing.

Is the script based on any books?

The screenplay was informed by and gets its title from Donn Rogosin's book, Invisible Men, a comprehensive history of the Leagues. In addition to his exhaustive chronicle, Mr. Rogosin also offers some astute opinions about the events.

His interviews with many of the most celebrated Negro Leagues figures, provides a first hand account of their experiences and feelings, which lent to the movie's sense of authenticity. Mr. Rogosin serves as the movie's technical consultant.

How accurate is the script?

The script has been thoroughly researched and is based on the available historical record. Some incidents and people have been dramatized, but the film is an accurate chronicle of the times.

Do you have a cast selected?

We are considering potential cast.